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Recliner Chairs UK

Riser recliner chairs & electric rise & recline chairs for the elderly
Rise & recline in safety & comfort. Riser recliner chairs promote independence & mobility & are come in a range of colours & fabrics to suit your home

Are you finding it difficult to get up from your favourite chair?

Riser recliner chairs can help because they are designed to ease the transition from sitting to standing.
Or if you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, recliner chairs can make you more comfortable by giving you the control to change to the ideal position for reading, watching TV or just snuggling with the grandchildren.

Electric recliner chairs offer independence and enhanced comfort for the elderly and those with limited mobility. Available with either single or dual motors electric riser recliner chairs are designed to gently and safely move you from a seated to standing position and vice versa while the recline position can help relieve pressure points and make you feel more comfortable with your lower legs fully supported.

Single or dual motor riser recliners?

Dual motor riser recliner chairs allow you to change the position of the back and footrest independently, giving more comfort whereas an electric recliner with a single motor moves the back and footrest together.

Electric recliners also have the added safety of a battery backup so that in the event of a power cut you’ll still be able to use your chair.

The chairs are controlled by simple two button remote controls which attach to the side of the chair so that you can always find them or if you have manual dexterity problems the Boston Recliner Chair is available with a specially designed wand handset.

Which chair is best for me?

Riser recliner chairs are suitable for the elderly or those with mobility or circulatory problems and come in a range of different sizes and styles to suit your home. When choosing a chair consider your height and weight in relation to the seat height, width and depth to ensure that you will be fully supported and sitting comfortably. A heavier user will require a chair that offers firmer support and cushioning than a lighter user.

Finally consider your room, the space available and decor. Lift and rise chairs require space behind and at the front to allow them to recline although petite riser recliner chairs are ideal where space is limited. Leather riser recliners are available in a range of colours from black, brown, red and cream and can bring about a contemporary look with the added benefit of being easier to clean while fabric coverings can offer a greater range of colour and textures.