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Power Scooters UK

Mobility scooters aid motability & those who find it difficult to walk
Regain you independence with mobility scooters for indoor & outdoor use. Electric motability scooters with 4 – 8 mph range, 3 or 4 wheels, portable & lightweight.

Are you able to walk but find it difficult, tiring or painful?

Mobility scooters are an increasingly popular option for people who find walking difficult and could help you regain some of your freedom and independence.

Sometimes referred to as disability scooters and in the past perhaps a little stigmatised, today’s electric scooters are designed with manoeuvrability and speed in mind, come in range of vibrant and polished colours and operate both in and out of doors and over a range of distances from 8 – 35 miles.

Buying a scooter is an investment and to get the most from your purchase you should give careful consideration to how you plan to use your scooter and what you hope to achieve from it.

Motability scooters for indoors and out

If you’re planning on using your scooter mostly indoors a three wheeled scooter will give you the greatest degree of manoeuvrability. Three wheelers aren’t strictly limited to indoor use as many versions, including the Kite and Prism scooters, have ranges of up to 10 miles and speeds of 4mph making them suitable for short distances or ideal for use within shopping malls.

Is folding and portability important?

A folding scooter saves space and is more portable – an important consideration if you are able to drive and wish to use your scooter on arrival at your destination.

Where do you plan to use your scooter?

Being heaver and more solid, 4 wheeled scooters are better able to handle pavements and uneven terrain. With shopping baskets included and large pneumatic tyres to deliver a smooth ride over bumpy pavements the Shoprider range is ideal for mid distance journeys to the local shops or for walking the dog in the park.

Road legal scooters

To be road legal scooters must include headlights, indicators and rear view mirrors. Capable of speeds up to 8mps the Mercury Regatta range will increase your freedom to travel. The larger and more powerful the scooter, the more easily it will be able to handle rough terrain, steep hills and kerbs.

When choosing your scooter decide what’s most important to you – the manoeuvrability that comes from a smaller lightweight machine or speed and comfort delivered over longer distances. If you’re unsure and need some friendly expert advice call our careline on 01290 430 323.