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2019 Latest News

Happy New year to all our supporters and customers old and new. Our January sale is on Now so check out our secure online shop for whats on offer. Specials on first aid kits for the : Home, Holiday, Office, Vehicle, Sport.

We are looking forward to introducing our Peace of Mind program to people in the Borders later in the month and continuing to support groups in Ayrshire.

2019 will bring many challenges but also many opportunities and your continued support will be vital.


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November Latest News

Our upgraded SLL  certificate ensures that all connections to our website are secure and information such as credit card transactions on our shopping facility are private so you can shop with confidence.

Thinking of "different" xmas presents why not give someone a First Aid Kit for the : Home, Vehicle or Holidays.



Hot News

"Hot News"

We are pleased to announce a new marketing association between and to maximise services from both organisations. These include training and our online healthcare shopping facility. Have a look at the websites further information to follow.

Exciting times ahead !!

November Latest News

Our ASSIST training program is available for JCPlus clients who want to increase their employability opportunities. Please check out the following to see if you meet the critieria. The program is also available to people not signing on

Stop Press 2018


We are delighted to announce that our Peace of Mind Core project has been awarded funding support from the National Lottery. This allows us to continue introducing the community program to organisations and individuals across Ayrshire .

For details on how you can get involved or be part of please have a look at: