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November Latest

Well as November comes to a close we have been busy with activities incl` our ASSIST Training going to play a part in the recent EAC wealth fund contract awarded to Enable Works who we look forward to working with to create employment opportunities for people across the region.

Our Peace of Mind community program continues to gain impetus in both Fife and Scottish Borders and we are actively lokking and interviewing in both areas. 

Xmas is on the horizon so why not think of a "different" pressie such as a vehicle or home first aid kit. Better safe than sorry.

Talk to you all in December.


September 2021Latest News

We are delighted that our Peace of Mind community program is now being developed in various areas incl` Scottish Borders & Fife. New groups are being established and details of volunteer, job placements and employment opportunities can be found at  Why not have a wee look and register your details.

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August Latest News

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Our Peace of Mind community program has new groups starting in Fife and Scottish Borders with interest from North Ayrshire. As restrictions are easing continued progress with this innovative program is being made.

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Last but not least:



Peace of Mind & June 21 Latest News

Welcome to "sunny" June we have lots happenning as restrictions start to ease:

* As our Peace of Mind community program continues to expand across Scotland, we wanted to make sure that people can connect with their local communities easier, that`s why we`re now creating local Peace of Mind groups on Facebook. You can search for the Peace of Mind Facebook group for your area. If a group isn`t yet started, let us know and we`ll create one so that you can connect and invite others from your community to join the conversation in a safe, secure environment too. To date we have Fife and Scottish Borders pages #letsconnect

* Having successfully managed a support centre for Census21 we look forward to our experience being used for Scottish Census2022.

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* Check our our Facebook page for latest news 

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February 2021 Update

As restrictions continue our support services are adapting to ensure that people who use them still can. Examples include introduction of I.T. Tablets and routers that can be provided so contact with family and friends can be kept. Our Facebook page and secure website are also available and our online shop can supply healthcare products such as : masks, sanitiser, gloves. 

We are pleased to be involved with 2021 Census from the Office of National Statistics [ ONS ] which will be coming soon.

It is difficult times for many people and we are here to support.

Stay Safe & Strong